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The JS SDK for resolving .bit account.


A simple API server that resolves .bit account.


A block parser allowing you to extract various types of data of .bit.

das-contract-reverse (EVM)

The contracts for .bit alias on EVM-compatible chains.


The core contracts of .bit.


Make transfer more convenient with .bit

Usually when transferring tokens, the sender and the receiver always need to confirm the address repeatedly, in case they transfer to a wrong address.

imToken, a well-known digital assets wallet that has integrated .bit, enables its users to input the receiver's .bit account instead of the address to transfer.

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Connect Web2.0 and Web3.0 with .bit

In social scenarios, users usually want to have their digital assets displayed in apps.

Jike App allows users to change their nicknames to their .bit accounts. Jike App resolves the user's .bit account to obtain the user's ETH address and display the user's NFT assets on ETH.

Allow users to query NFT data more quickly with .bit

When using third-party blockchain services, users often need to spend some time copying and pasting their blockchain addresses.

By integrating.bit, NFTGo allows users to quickly view everyone's NFT assets on various chains by simply inputting their.bit accounts—no more copying and pasting!

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Visit users' IPFS page with .bit

It's inefficient and inelegant to access IPFS web pages through the IPFS gateway. allows users to associate the IPFS content with their.bit account, so that others can quickly access their IPFS pages through

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