🎉 .bit Raises $13M Series A Funding to Build Cross-chain Decentralized Identity Protocol →
All 4~9 digits .bit accounts will release to 100%
Release Time: 12:00 PM(UTC+0), Oct 18. Add to Calendar →
12:00 PM(UTC+0), Oct 18. Add to Calendar →

📢 New round of .bit accounts release!


New round of .bit accounts release!

Release Time: 12:00 PM (UTC+0), Oct 18

📢 New charsets are online now!

Tiếng Việt, ภาษาไทย, Türkçe, 한국어

.bit accounts can be Ethereum NFTs now!


DAS has rebranded as .bit. The available .bit accounts have been released to 60%! More details →

Cross-chain Web3 identities for you and your community

Open source
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Take your data
sovereignty back with .bit


A traditional account is a data container you don’t own.

Your Facebook account is a data container that is used to store your information on Facebook only. Facebook owns your account and has full control over it, which means Facebook can recall your account, delete or tamper with your account data at any time.

Other traditional accounts include email addresses, mobile phone numbers, Twitter accounts, etc. None of these accounts or the data in them belong to you.

Traditional accounts in Web2

You use different accounts in different apps, Your data is distributed in various data containers.


.bit is a self-sovereign data container.

Your .bit is a new-type data container that you can own without permission. Any application can read the data in it, but only you can write data into it.

You have absolute ownership and control of this container. No one can delete it. Your data sovereignty is back to you.

.bit in Web3

You use the same .bit in different apps. Your data is integrated in one data container.

Meet .bit

Register with any characters you like.

Each .bit is a powerful self-sovereign data container.

You can store any type of data in your .bit, and apps can read them before providing service for you.

More about Data Container →
Get a .bit,
and enjoy your
Web3 life.

Now, forget those complex addresses, and start to transfer Tokens/NFTs with your .bit.

Available in:
Trust Wallet
And More

Your .bit, your unified username in different DApps.


Give your community members your SubDIDs to make them more closer.

Available in Q2 2022. More about .bit SubDIDs


Show your Web3 data on Web2 platforms.

Jike is a famous social networking app for young generation. Change your Jike username to your .bit, you will automatically get an NFT box on you homepage to show all your NFTs. All your Web2 friends will see your Web3 life.


Your .bit, your decentralized personal homepage.


Visit decentralized websites deployed on IPFS through .bit.

Example: topbidder.bit.cc


Gather your on-chain reputation in one .bit account.*


Send end-to-end encrypted messages to your .bit friends.*


"Taking data sovereignty back is one small step for you, one giant leap for Web3."

.bit Ecosystem
.bit to its core is a set of smart contracts on blockchains, but as a product, it comes with a strong ecosystem.


They provide interfaces for users to register/manage/trade .bit. Their role in the .bit ecosystem is just like GoDaddy in the internet domain ecosystem.

Data Providers

They provide all kinds of data about .bit for users to track the performance of .bit.


They provide trading platforms for .bit users.


They integrate .bit to better serve their customers. Some of the apps are even born for .bit.

Q2 2021
🎉 Public beta testing.
Q3 2021
  • .bit was launched officially.
  • Released registrable accounts to 35%.
  • Integration with Huobi Wallet, MIBAO, TokenPocket.
  • Integration with Ethereum and Tron.
  • bit.cc was launched.
  • OK.bit was auctioned on Binance NFT platform.
Q4 2021
  • 50,000+ registered accounts.
  • Integration with imToken, AlphaWallet, HyperPay, NFTGo, NFTSCAN, Bitkeep, Math Wallet.
  • Integration with BNB Chain and Polygon.
  • bestdas.com was launched.
  • .bit alias was launched.
Q1 2022
  • Integration with Jike.
  • Brand upgrading.
Q2-Q4 2022
.bit will integrate with more popular public chains, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Polkdot and Solana.
.bit will support registration in any language.
.bit alias:
Users can assign one .bit alias for each popular public chain contract address or ordinary address. This will effectively enhance the security in Web3.
A .bit account is able to create countless SubDIDs at a low cost. The decentralized and low-cost SubDIDs will serve as an efficient management tool for DAO.
We believe the future model of human organization is DAO.
We make the bold experiment to expand imagination for DAO.
We gather all passionate and talented people to build DAO.
The future of DAO is in your hand!
Newly-designed .bit data management tool:
Allow users to manage their data conveniently and efficiently. Also, developers can have write access to .bit if authorized by users.
Establish a system of registrars with global coverage.
Release more accounts for registration. Release previously reserved accounts.

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